About Metronome.

Metronome is the world’s first autonomous cryptocurrency. In developing an enduring cryptocurrency, three core design principles build Metronome’s foundation:

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Self-Governing, By Each MET Owner

With no undue influence after initial launch, Metronome’s founders transitioned to community members — and each Metronome owner chooses where to hold their MET.



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Issuance Predictability Determined by Code

With a highly predictable issuance and supply, community members can calculate the supply of MET at any date in the future with a high degree of confidence.



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Moving Freely Across Blockchains

Portability frees Metronome from the fate of any one chain. Select the chain that suits your requirements for management and security, or even upgrade the contract.


A Decentralized Financial System


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DeFi Asset

Serves as a reliable, immutable basis upon which DeFi Projects can build

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On-Chain DEX

The ability to convert MET to its underlying chain’s token and vice versa.

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Total Value Locked

The Proceeds and Autonomous Converter contracts, together, represent the DeFi concept of TVL or Total Value Locked

Team Leads

Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik

Co-Founder / Chief Designer

Matthew Roszak

Matthew Roszak


Jordan Kruger

Jordan Kruger

Managing Director

Troy Benjegerdes

Manoj Patidar

Principal Engineer

Phil Gomes

Phil Gomes

Communications & Marketing

Gabriel Montes

Gabriel Montes

Blockchain Engineer


Gustav Simonsson

Gustav Simonsson

Orchid Labs
Former Ethereum Core Dev

Jim Newsome

Jim Newsome

Delta Strategy
Former CFTC Chairman

Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott

Blockchain Research Institute
Blockchain Revolution

Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham

Multicoin Capital

Don Wilson

Don Wilson


William Mougayar

William Mougayar

Virtual Capital Ventures
Token Summit

Strategic Partners

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Perkins Coie Logo
Smith Crown Logo
Zeppelin Logo
New Alchemy Logo

Owner's Manual

Like with any other asset or technology, it’s important for users to know how Metronome works - the Owner’s Manual is required reading for any Metronome owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Metronome be used for? How can I participate? Why is the token called ‘Metronome’? Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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