Buy Metronome with ease.

Purchase via the Daily Auction or Autonomous Converter in the Metronome Wallet, or through various third-party exchanges listed below.

Auction countdown

Buy MET via the Auction Contract

Every day, the Auction Contract autonomously mints 2,880 MET, which are sold through a descending price auction with a starting price set at 2x the previous day’s auction closing price. The proceeds from these auctions stay within the Metronome ecosystem. Once the Daily Supply Lot starts, purchasers purchase at the price they deem fair via the Metronome Wallet, Metamask or the smart contract address on the website.

Auction countdown

Convert ETH and MET Autonomously

Sell MET or a chain’s underlying token to the Autonomous Converter at a price determined by the current contents of the contract. Interact with the Autonomous Converter through the Metronome Wallet. The Converter tab displays the current price, current contents, and Buy button, allowing users to initiate selling an underlying token for MET or vice versa.


Access MET from Third Party Exchanges

See the list of third party exchanges that have elected to support Metronome.

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